Let’s get the world talking about the new Finnish networked start-ups

Let’s get the world talking about the new Finnish networked start-ups

In a fascinating article for Helsingin Sanomat, Matti Pohjola of Aalto University just pointed out that Finland needs to step up its investments in service innovations as a way of boosting service exports. Service exports, he points out, are the unsung stars of the Finnish economy. Whereas product exports by traditional industries have flagged and are still 6 percent behind where they were ten years ago, service exports have grown by 30 percent in the same period.

Julkaistu 19.8.2016

Is wage moderation the only game in town?

So wage moderation is not the solution to Finland’s economic problems, or at least the whole solution. Finland needs to play on its strengths and boost its service exports and this, of course, means communication about services (as well as investment in innovative services themselves). Here’s the question though, based on a conversation I just had with a friend who runs a small software business. Software services are one of Finland’s new stars of the service export sphere and, since the twilight of a Finnish giant a few years ago – you know, burning platforms and all that – software development in Finland has broken down into hundreds, maybe thousands, of constellations of small businesses. These SMEs, my friend told me, join together into loosely formed cooperation networks depending on the project and the expertise needed. They need to be agile and adept at forming relationships which might be long-term or add up to the odd ‘one-night stand’, in order to source the kinds of skills any particular customer might want.

How can Semantix help?

This got me thinking  about what we at Semantix can do for these forming and reforming constellations of SMEs. A glance at my office window reveals a plaque which bears Semantix’s motto, “We facilitate international business and bring cultures together”. “If you’re working together in a network entity,” I asked my friend, “and you want to export software services, wouldn’t some seriously good, fast and reasonably priced commercial translation come in handy, to sell your stuff abroad? No need for anyone on your payroll – just pay for each text as you go at rates an SME can afford. Isn’t that the kind of help you’d need if you want to replicate successful services for export?” As I suspected, he nodded in agreement.

Size doesn’t matter 

Which brings me to my point. No company cherishes its large partners and customers more than Semantix does. But we also want to be part of the Finnish business scene that’s breaking down into chains and networks of SMEs in certain sectors. No matter how big or small, businesses of all kinds are our business.

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