Christophe Eyraud

Christophe Eyraud

Solutions Architect

Christophe aloitti käännösalalla kääntäjänä yli 16 vuotta sitten. Nyt hän toimii Semantixissa ratkaisuarkkitehtina. Hän suunnittelee ja toteuttaa ratkaisuja, joilla tuotetaan lisäarvoa asiakkaan lokalisointiprosessiin.

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Translation buyers often see translation companies as mere providers of words, and worry about word price. The main question they have is “How much does it cost to translate this document?” Even in today’s globalised word, translation buyers tend to see translation as a cost rather than as an investment.

The 20th annual conference of the European Association of Machine Translation (EAMT) was held in Prague in late May.  EAMT covers the whole spectrum of MT stakeholders, from researchers to vendors, from developers to post-editors. About 100 persons attended the conference, most of them researchers and developers. They all had one thing in common - a passionate approach to machine translation.

Typical feedback from our customers: “The wrong terms have been used in the translation”. Sound familiar? Well, even professional translators make mistakes. However, terminology errors can be avoided. There are ways to ensure terminology accuracy and consistency in a translation.